Goat Milk Round Soaps of Pukalily

Goat Milk Round Soaps of Pukalily

Diameter: 3 inches 

 Height: 1 inch

Available scents:

  • Lavender + Nettle
  • Patchouli Lime Lotus Leaf
  • Honey Oat Elderflower
  • Seaweed Honey + Indigo
  • Hibiscus Rosehip + Clay
  • Aloe Vera Charcoal
  • Coffee Calendula

Handcrafted goats milk soap contains glycerin for luxurious skin softening and deeply moisturizing rewards.

This helps to reduce skin irritation and itchiness for people with sensitive skin or eczema delays signs of skin aging with goat milk’s high content of alpha-hydroxy acid which helps slough off...

All soaps are made with super healing beneficial goatmilk and packed full with nourishing oils, flowers , herbs and essential oils.
Enjoy your piece of  Pukalily love♡