SALE 50%OFF Mizutori Sandals SWING/KT-15 Red Chiffon

SALE 50%OFF Mizutori Sandals SWING/KT-15 Red Chiffon

4.5cm heel.

A Japanese geta artisan, Masashi Mizutori, materialized his ideal comfortable geta into this form more than 20 years ago. Mizutori geta are all handcrafted, from the materials to the lacquering, and the surface is carefully sculpted to fit the shape of the foot and maximize comfort. These stylishly modernized wooden sandals can be worn with dresses, trousers and even with jeans, on both formal and informal occasions.

Geta helps to keep you healthy. The sculptured surface and the straps stimulate the tsubo in the foot. According to ancient Chinese theory of the body, the functioning of the internal organs is believed to benefit from such stimulation. (This stimulating effect has been verified by a research team in the Technology Department of Shizuoka University). The natural woods create positive chi, which promotes relaxation and calmness.

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