CUSTOM ORDER - JHA Watch - Choi x Choi

CUSTOM ORDER - JHA Watch - Choi x Choi

JHA Kansai

These extraordinary watches are all created on-site at the JHA Kansai watch store. Unlike manufactured watches, these creations are all truly unique. The cases are made of brass or silver and are all hand-made. Every band is hand-dyed and specially cut. Each watch contains a high-quality Seiko quartz movement. All the components are made with the greatest attention to detail, from the bezel to the clasp.

This is a custom order page. Please check out the custom order guide at Branches & Knots web (Click!)  and Choose your favourite "Case", "Dial" and "Strap" colours then leave these colours on the comment tab when you purchase your order.

We may contact to confirm about your custom order after you purchase it.

Looking forward to see your original CHOI x CHOI watch!

170 CAD